28 - 30 November, 2017 | Australia

Nik Tabain

State Partner
Gray Puksand

11:30 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Ensuring the Viability of Mixed Use Developments at the Planning and Concept Design Stages

Understanding the viability of mixed use developments can be exceedingly complex. The demand for residential space might be enough to drive up retail marketability or the scope of retail interest might inspire residential demand. Perhaps neither of these is true and other community/market factors are having influential effects. This panel discussion will look at ways of effectively designing mixed use developments to ensure they effectively meet the needs of the area in which they are built and are therefore viable.

  • Understand the ways that the different uses of a mixed use development can integrate and potentially compliment each other
  • Explaining the impact comprehensive market considerations are having on the success of mixed use developments
  • Overcoming the technical design complexities that a mixed use project specifically presents, such as managing exhaust and adequately sharing parking between separate users

3:50 PM Drawing Inspiration from London’s Chiswick Park for Next Generation Considerations when Designing Commercial Precincts

Chiswick Park has been developed as a place favouring people rather than vehicles. Designed for pedestrian priority (75 percent of those working at Chiswick Park arrive on foot, by bicycle, bus or train), all vehicular activity is routed around the edge of the site, to screened car parks or undercrofts beneath the buildings. In this session Nik, will draw on inspiration from Chiswick Park in London and he will discuss what the future of business hubs could potentially look like in Australia. He will also touch on other case examples from across Australia.

  • Salta Properties Nexus Corporate Park in Melbourne’s South East – Why has this estate captured more than half the pre-committed lease deals over the last 5 years.
  • The direct influence of Chiswick Park to the masterplan solution of Ferntree Business Park
  • The recent success of Williams Landing as commercial estate, and the influence of the town centre to its success.
  • Is the university campus / town centre the model that business parks should be targeting, where place making is the predominant focus.
  • What thinking is required for a “post car” future.
How to future proof the estate when driverless technology reduces the focus on car parking.
Are todays carparks adaptable for other uses, or are they potentially redundant structures?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Nik.

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