28 - 30 November, 2017 | Australia

Alex Blauensteiner

General Manager, Business Innovation, Skills & Trade Development
Brisbane Marketing

9:00 AM Beyond Physical Infrastructure for Creating a Collaborative Environment & Attracting Knowledge Workforce

The concept of old style business parks were all about function over form. Today a new wave of vibrant innovation ecosystems are emerging as places where people can collaborate and foster innovation. Couple this with the changing nature of work, desire for increased connectivity, reduced commute time and flexibility – business precincts need to better facilitate interaction between its community.

In order to continue to support economic growth, it is critical that existing and new asset are adequately utilized and this needs to look beyond the physical infrastructure. Knowledge and innovation has become an increasingly important consideration for urban planners as they grapple with the expansion of a knowledge economy and business parks today is not just about world class facilities.

In this session, our expert facilitator will deliver a thought provoking session on ways in which business parks can look beyond the physical infrastructure to enhance attractiveness, increase innovation and revenue generation.

Key discussion areas:
  • Importance of fostering partnerships with public, private and academic sectors
  • Designing and implementing new collaboration models and technology transfer processes
  • Benchmarking against leading international innovation precincts


11:30 AM Taking a Closer look at Brisbane and Assessing Potential for Business Park Growth

Brisbane Marketing works closely with the CBD Economic Development Board, building owners, retailers and Brisbane City Council to market and activate Brisbane’s CBD as Queensland’s premier retail and lifestyle destination. In this session Alex, will take a look at how business precincts fi t into this as well as looking at the needs of creating new green fields vs the potential of situating these precincts in urban hubs.

  • What does the ultimate desired outcome look like for a business park
  • Understanding and looking at the needs of the end customer when choosing a location for business parks
  • Propagating a collaborative environment within the precincts

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Alex.

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